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    Say hello to interactive, intelligent, and intuitive forms designed to…

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    • Form builder
    • Set lead values
    • Form analytics
    • Form reporting

    • Capture more leads

      The better the forms on your website, the more visitors you’ll convert into leads.

      Unlike other form builders, our pre-optimised form templates incorporate 58+ best practices that we’ve found to boost form conversions, based on our insights from years of A/B testing and studying forms.

    • Increase lead quantity and quality

      With Leadformly, you can personalise your form to each segment of your website’s audience by displaying different questions or ‘thank-you pages’ to different leads.

      Say goodbye to dull one-size-fits-all forms, and hello to intelligent forms that help you segment, qualify and prioritise your leads.

    • Discover trends in your lead data.

      Leadformly’s built-in analytics makes it easy to track your form’s performance and discover audience insights.

      See why and how people are using your forms with a range of metrics and tools.

    • Improve your ROI from SEO, PPC & Content

      When you double your form’s conversion rate, you won’t just get twice as many leads.

      You’ll also double the ROI from all of your online marketing efforts, while halving your cost per lead. Not bad, right?

    How it works

    Step 1: Choose a form template that’s optimised for conversions

    Designed by form conversion experts, all of our templates incorporate over 58 best practices that we’ve found increase form conversions.

    Whether you’re capturing consulting enquiries, demo requests, webinar signups, or something else – our templates will save you time and improve your results.

    Step 2: Make it your own, with ‘sky is the limit’ design tools

    Not a coder? No problem. With Leadformly you can create beautifilly-designed interactive forms without IT, using our intuitive drag and drop form builder.

    Easily add or edit your form’s questions
    Match your form to your brand’s look and feel
    11 question styles (inc. dropdowns, sliders, & images)
    Use conditional logic, progress bars & multi-step forms
    Fully-editable HTML & CSS

    Step 3: Embed your form, sit back, and enjoy the results.

    Adding Leadformly to your website is as simple as pasting an embed code where you want your form to appear. Leadformly integrates with 600+ CRMs, marketing automation tools, and landing page builders – making it easy to build Leadformly into your current setup.

    Once you’re up and running, you can use our built-in form analytics tools to monitor your form’s performance.

    “Let’s face it – web forms lack intelligence. Leadformly changes that by enabling an interactive experience that doesn’t feel like you’re filling out a form, while giving you data to optimise the experience for customers. It’s a gem!”

    Leadformly is an indespensible tool for Alex Minchin’s agency, Zest Digital



    Everything you need to capture more leads from your website.

    Drag & Drop Form Builder

    Create high-converting forms that match your website, without touching a line of code.

    Form Templates

    Save time by using pre-optimised form templates, made by professional designers.

    Multi-step Forms

    Create multi-step forms, proven to convert better than generic one-step forms.

    Track Lead Quality

    See which forms capture the most valuable leads by automatically assigning values to leads.

    Lead follow-up emails

    Automatically send personalised follow-up messages to new leads to strike while the iron’s hot.

    Conditional Logic

    Use logic to personalise your forms and ask different questions to different users.

    Lead Segmentation

    Understand your leads by segmenting them into groups based on their form responses.

    Built-in Analytics

    Drive more conversions by tracking form performance and uncovering audience insights.


    Send leads directly to your favourite email marketing, CRM, or marketing automation tools


    LeadForms™ are 100% responsive, and look great on mobile, tablets, and desktop.

    A/B testing (coming soon)

    Test different designs and questions to see what works and increase conversions.

    Easy to embed

    Easily embed into your website and landing pages to start capturing leads.

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