Capture 3X more leads

by replacing your website’s forms with smart, interactive LeadForms
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    Fix the biggest leak
    in your funnel. Forms

    Why do LeadForms convert better?

    LeadForms incorporate 58+ form design best practices, proven to increase usability and completion rates – from asking questions over multiple steps, to sizing fields to the average adult finger pad size.

    Average uplift in leads: +212%

    How it works

    Start with one of 50+ easily customisable templates

    Choose from a selection of LeadForm templates, each with 58+ form design best practices built-in.

    Make it your own by adjusting the look and feel to match your branding in our easy-to-use drag and drop editor.

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    Build a conversational form

    Using multi-step forms and conditional logic, you can create a conversational LeadForm that improves your website’s experience. 

    By asking questions you’d ask your leads in person you also collect valuable data to segment, qualify and convert them into customers.

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    Optimise your Lead Forms

    Launch and watch your
    leads roll in

    Once your LeadForm is ready, you can embed it on your website in minutes, hook it into your CRM, and watch the leads roll in.

    You can then use Leadformly’s form analytics & A/B testing tools to further increase your conversion rates.

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    Everything you need to launch interactive, intelligent, intuitive forms.

    Easy to customise

    Customise your LeadForm to match your brand in a drag and drop builder.

    Conditional logic

    Show or hide questions based on someone's previous answers.

    Embed anywhere

    Works on any CMS, from WordPress & Squarespace to Magento.

    Insightful analytics

    Understand your leads and opportunities with built-in analytics.

    Multi-step forms

    Proven to increase conversion rates by up to 200%.

    Intelligent validation

    Auto-detect a visitor's country and display the correct phone number

    Zapier Integration

    Send leads to 2,000+ apps inc. all major CRMs & marketing tools.

    Lead scoring & notifications

    Assign values based on a lead's response and auto-trigger emails.

    12 question types

    From engaging sliders and visual options to standard fields.

    Invisible spam filter

    Block spam without resorting to conversion-killing Captchas.

    Advanced features

    Build bespoke tools using webhooks, hidden fields & more.

    A/B testing

    Split test your LeadForm without any additional tools.

    Don’t let forms hold you back

    Get more out of your traffic with conversion-optimised LeadForms

    Ordinary forms
    • Leaves -20% leads on the table
    • Diminishes marketing ROI
    • Asks same questions to all
    • Built & maintained by developers
    • No built-in reporting
    • Poor user experience
    • Capture 3-4X more leads
    • Increases marketing ROI
    • Asks different questions to users
    • Built by UX & CRO experts
    • Anyone can build & update them
    • Built-in reporting & A/B testing
    • Engaging user experience
    • 58+ form design best practices