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Lead generation for the residential finance market serving mortgage agents and brokerage companies.

One of our campaigns generated so many new leads that our client needed us to pause the campaign. They have since expanded their operations to a 2nd province with a larger team to handle lead volume.

“We love Leadformly as it's easy to use and provides our exclusive mortgage clients lead forms with exceptional conversion rates. I especially like the way the leads can be integrated with my client's CRM so that they get each lead in real time. This level of immediate feedback results in even higher conversions for them.”

Peter Koning
President, Entra Marketing ltd.

Life before Leadformly

We generate leads for our clients via our proprietary keyword system and lead generation campaigns. Forms are therefore central to everything we do.

Our problem was that all our forms were self-coded, which meant that it was difficult, expensive and time consuming to build out new campaigns for our clients. Scaling our marketing became difficult and creating seamless integrations between our forms and our clients was far from straight forward.

How Leadformly provided the Solution

Being able to easily build interactive, smart leadforms has meant that we can allow for real-time leads to be delivered instantly via the integrations that are built into the platform. The platform is easy to use, responsive and the conversion rates are fantastic across all devices.

The number of leads we’re generating has required us to upgrade our account twice and has helped us grow our clients businesses within a very competitive market.

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