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Our conversion rates are well above industry standard at almost 15%. Leadformly has helped add $20K revenue to our clients business.

“I want to give a big shout out to Leadformly. If you're a busy marketer running several campaigns at once, you don't need to look any further. Leadformly will get you results.”

Lawrence Buttress
Lead Generation Consultant

Life before Leadformly

We were using standard web forms with a standard lead generation process. We needed to drive high quality leads down the funnel, but we couldn’t afford to do this at a cost to our conversion rates. We needed to find a solution that would drive better engagement. 

Our business relies on our forms. We create forms on a weekly basis so the process around form creation needs to be fast-paced and we weren’t finding a solution that offered us a combined answer to these problems.

How Leadformly provided the Solution

Leadformly has given me a multi-step lead generation process with brilliant tools & features that have helped increase engagement significantly. The additional value I’ve passed onto our clients has helped our business make massive strides forward. 

Our CPA’s are down and our conversion rates are well above industry standards, at almost 15%. Our entire sales funnel and marketing system is working better than ever before.

I login to Leadformly on a daily basis, we create forms every week and could have up to 20 forms live at any one time. I don’t need a developer to help me build the forms or embed the forms and the design work is straight forward as well. So I can get on with my job, without my forms or processes slowing me down. 

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