Lead Generation for Schools

As a public/private school, one of the best ways to capture leads on your website is to offer your potential leads a prospectus.

Below is the recommended LeadForm template you can replace your current web forms with to increase the conversion rate of visitors on your website who request a prospectus.

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School LeadForm

Our school LeadForm template (below) encourages potential leads to request a prospectus, while capturing information that enables you to pre-qualify them and tailor the prospectus.

LeadForm Notes

To ensure every lead you receive is qualified for a prospectus, we’ve suggested asking questions that establish a lead’s BANT (budget, authority, need, and timeframe). To achieve this, we have structured the LeadForm like this:


Conversation Starter

LeadForms convert best when they start with a simple visual question that engages visitors. In this example, we are also understanding their needs.

Identify timeframe

Is this urgent, or are they kicking the tires? Identifying their timeframe helps you understand when they are likely to close.

Identify budget

Rather than ask for their budget outright, here we ask a question that tells us what the lead is looking for, which indicates their value.

Ask for contact details

Asking contact details early on creates friction, which is why we ask it on the final step. We also identify authority by asking for their job title.

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